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Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI)

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) was founded on September 22nd 2008 following a joint endeavor on behalf of the main part of the Hellenic Industry active in space technology and space applications sector.

All HASI members are high-tech companies, employing over 2500 employees, of which the vast majority constitutes highly educated personnel in space technology and its applications. HASI members currently accumulate Greece’s research and manufacturing person power in the space technology and applications sector. From 2003 up to date, HASI members have been successfully participated in over 50 space technology and applications programs, involving ΕSA as well as other international programs. HASI members had a cumulative budget of more than 185M€.


  • The promotion and assistance of the Hellenic Space Technology & Applications Industry in Greece as well as internationally.
  • The development of communication and collaboration channels between the Association members, as well as with similar actors and within the European and the International space marketplace.
  • The optimization of: the Hellenic participation in ESA, the National contribution to EUMETSAT, the participation to the Hellenic MoD’s programs involving space-related technologies and applications, as well as any potential for Industrial Cooperation opportunities resulting from the aforementioned participations.
  • The promotion of the cooperation among the Hellenic Space Industry and the Hellenic Research Centers, as well as Hellenic Highest and Higher Educational Faculties, involved in space-related technological sectors.
  • The contribution in the quest and exploitation of Research & Development (R&D)-related financing schemes covering sectors in which H-ASI members are actively participating in, as well as the establishment of relative conditions and pre-requisites for promoting the deliverables of such R&D programs.
  • The promotion of activities in technological sectors relevant to space technology such as: space communications, remote sensing - telemetry, as well as their focused applications with regards to Greece such as: environment monitoring and surveillance; civil protection during emergency situations (i.e. earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.); GIS applications; border and coastal security; smart electric grid systems; smart & secure transportation systems (sea, air, road & rail transports); multimedia applications and services as well as “Future Internet” applications; broadband services for diminishing Digital Divide among Greek rural and agricultural & remote areas; as well as new, space-related materials and applications.

Member Activities

HASI members are currently active in a wide range of the value chain of a satellite or spacecraft, in areas such as electronics, advanced composite and metallic materials and structures, electronic satellites,
specialized software support satellite systems, MEMs technology sensors, ion motor development, collection, processing and development of remote sensing data applications, mechanical ground support equipment, etc.

Participation in Missions

In our country, the Greek Space Industry and the whole ecosystem has achieved a significant level of technological maturity and has successfully participate in Space Missions (SOLAR ORBITER, EUCLID, JUICE, PLATO, EXOMARS ROVER MISSION, SENTINEL MISSIS I AL ) and ESA Technology Programs.

Juice Mission

- Design, Development, Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Testing (MAIT) of the :
  1. JUICE Spacecraft EM Structure (SEMS)
  2. SEMS Transportation Container (SEMSTC)
  3. MGSE: SEMS Tilting Frame (STF) and SEMS Lifting Beam (SEMSLD)
  4. Optical Bench Integration Stand (OBIS)
- Simulation Analysis of SEMS, STF, SEMSLD, SEMSTC and OBIS
- Power SCOE, harness
- Test Aids for S/C AIT
- Performed ISVV activities (Independent Software Verification & Validation) on the JUICE instruments’ flight software used to perform mission-specific operations. Analyzed the flight software stored into the Data Processing Unit (DPU) instrument and the RIME instrument software.
- JUICE CFDP on-board software development Customer: ADS France
- JUICE ground CFDP software development Customer: TERMA., ADS France

Plato Mission

- Central SW development, Power SCOE
- Analyzed the requirements of the Optical Bench harness and grounding design of the PLATO spacecraft and developed the required EMI test plans to assess the proposed, CFRP based, grounding strategies. - “Two high-end SCOEs for the validation of the PLATO Central Data Management System (CDMS)”
- Manufacturing of the Structural Panels and Cleats of the Optical Bench Assembly (OBA) and MLI support structure
- Build-to-Print manufacturing of Payload wiring harnesses—EM, STM, EFM, PFM (a total of 7 models).
- Build-to-Spec manufacturing of Service Module wiring harnesses—EM, SM, PFM (a total of 4 models).

Solar Orbiter Mission

- Assembly Integration and Test (AIT), Mechanical
- Assembly Integration and Test (MAIT), Flight SW Validation
- Cables, Harness and Test equipment MAIT.
- EMC Support

Exomars Rover Mission

- AIT, Flight SW Development and Validation, Supply Operation Management (SOM) and MAIT for the solar panels
- CLUPI: Close Up Imager Focus Mechanism

Microcarb Space Mission (CNES)

- Delivery of two (2) EGSEs for the MicroCarb Instrument Customer: Airbus Defense & Space Toulouse.

Euclid Mission

- Delivery of two (2) EGSEs for the EUCLID Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanism Electronics (ADPME)
Customer: Syderal (Switzerland) and Thales Alenia Space Espagna
- EUCLID Application Software development Customer: SPACEBEL, TAS-I
- EUCLID Payload Module (PLM) AIT S/W support Customer: ADS France

Floris Mission

- Build-to-Spec manufacturing of FLEX instrument wiring harnesses—EM, PFM (a total of 3 models).

Sentinel 6A Mission

- Manufacturing Cables for EGSE

Sentinel 1 and Biomass Mission

- SOM and AIT

Truths ESA Mission

- Design, Development of the Mechanical Structure of the Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer (HIS) Elegant Bread Board (EBB), and MGSE
- Development of flight simulator.
- Development of Hyperspectral Imaging processing algorithms
- Development of onboard Hyperspectral data compression and evaluation algorithms
- Design of electronic subsystems
- Design, production, installation of space wiring

IASI-NG Space Mission (CNES)

- Delivery of two (2) EGSEs for the IASI-NG Mechanism Drive Electronics (MDE)
Customer: Syderal (Switzerland) and Airbus Defense & Space Toulouse.

CSO Space Mission

- Development, integration and validation of on-board software components
Customer: ADS France
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