Helenic Association of Space Industry

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (H-ASI) was founded on September 22nd 2008 following a joint endeavor on behalf of a significant part of the Hellenic Industry activated in space technology and applications sector.

The Association constitutes a non for profit organization and -according to its memorandum- its basic targets are:

  • The promotion and assistance of the Hellenic Space Technology & Applications Industry in Greece as well as internationally.
  • The development of communication and collaboration channels between the Association members, as well as with similar actors and within the European and the International space marketplace.
  • The optimization of: the Hellenic participation in ESA, the National contribution to EUMETSAT, the participation to the Hellenic MoD’s programs involving space-related technologies and applications, as well as any potential for Industrial Cooperation opportunities resulting from the aforementioned participations.
  • The promotion of the cooperation among the Hellenic Space Industry and the Hellenic Research Centers, as well as Hellenic Highest and Higher Educational Faculties, involved in space-related technological sectors.
  • The contribution in the quest and exploitation of Research & Development (R&D)-related financing schemes covering sectors in which H-ASI members are actively participating in, as well as the establishment of relative conditions and pre-requisites for promoting the deliverables of such R&D programs.
  • The promotion of activities in technological sectors relevant to space technology such as: space communications, remote sensing - telemetry, as well as their focused applications with regards to Greece such as: environment monitoring and surveillance; civil protection during emergency situations (i.e. earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.); GIS applications; border and coastal security; smart electric grid systems; smart & secure transportation systems (sea, air, road & rail transports); multimedia applications and services as well as “Future Internet” applications; broadband services for diminishing Digital Divide among Greek rural and agricultural & remote areas; as well as new, space-related materials and applications.

After a number of successive invitations to new members, the Association is currently includes twenty five (25) regular active members. All H-ASI members are Greek High Tech companies, employing over 1000 employees, of which the vast majority constitutes highly trained personnel in space technology and its applications. H-ASI members represent a large portion of Greece’s research and manufacturing man power in the space technology and applications sector.

Most of H-ASI members have been participating successfully to ESA programs, either through the ESA-Greek Task Force Call for Ideas, or independently through ESA tenders and thus have been accumulating significant know-how and expertise with regards to developing and managing space-related programs, technologies and applications.

From 2003 up to date, H-ASI members have been successfully participated in over 35 space technology and applications programs, having a cumulative budget of over € 20M and thus represent Greek Space Industry’s spearhead.


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