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Dr. Athanasios Potsis

President of the Hellenic Αssociation of Space Industry

Dr. Athanasios Potsis was born at Mainz, Germany, on 1974. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He also holds a Diploma in Electrical & Computer Technology from the University of Patras- Polytechnic School.

He was presented with fellowships throughout his diploma studies by the Greek Ministry of Education. He was also awarded with a scholarship from the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company – EADS for his main Ph.D research. He has also been awarded by the Technical Chamber of Greece for excellent scientific achievements. He has published over 16 papers and articles in Conference Proceedings with evaluation process and International Journals, 5 scientific reports and holds a patent at radar signal processing.

He is a Member and a scientific paper reviewer of IEEE, as well as of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Dr. Potsis has worked at German Aerospace Centre, Institute of Radar Systems, from 1998 to 2001 as a Member of Scientific Staff in the Digital Signal Processing Department and he was involved in the fields of Radar electronics, Radar signal processing and Electronic Warfare Systems. He has worked at European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company – EADS from 2001 to 2003 as external technical consultant and he was involved in several defense related programs. He has worked for INTRACOM Defense Electronics from September of 2003 up to September of 2006 as Product Marketing Engineer and he was responsible for new products development as well as for international cooperation in the field of electronics and sensors.

Since September 2006, Dr. Potsis holds the position of Senior Manager, in the EFA Group where he is responsible for the development of new business opportunities for Industrial cooperation through indirect offsets in Global scale. Since 2008 he is the president of the Hellenic Industrial Space Association.


Dr. Vassilis Tsagaris

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry , CEO Irida Labs

Dr Vassilis Tsagaris was born in Athens, Greece, in 1974. He received the B.Sc. degree in physics in 1997, the M.Sc. degree in electronics and computer science in 2000, and the Ph.D. degree in data fusion and remote sensing from the Electronics Laboratory (ELLAB), Department of Physics, University of Patras (UoP), Rio, Greece.

He has been a Researcher, a Postdoctoral Researcher, or a Project Manager for about ten European and national R&D projects for the academic and company sectors. Part of his former working experience was as a Research Fellow with the ELLAB, UoP. He is one of the three co-founders of IRIDA Labs, acting as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Business Development Manager. The fields of activities covered in projects like ADHOCSYS (FP6), MEO (ESA), SESAMO (EDA), THETIS (national project), and SYNTHESIS (national project) are image (data) and decision fusion, pattern recognition, remote sensing, and information technology.

As a result, he has published more than 25 journal and conference papers. His main research interests include pattern recognition, information processing and fusion, computer vision, and applications in embedded systems.


Dr. Vangelis Kollias

Dr Vangelis Kollias was born in Athens in 1967. He holds a PhD degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a diploma in Electrical Engineering from the same University.

Since 1996 he has been working with TELETEL SA (www.teletel.eu), where he held various positions, from software development to project management. Since 2007 he is the Research & Technology Development (RTD) Director of TELETEL, being responsible for the coordination of numerous International Development Projects in the area of aerospace, defense and telecommunication products. He is deeply involved in avionics development projects, for the civil aviation and space domains. He is currently managing the iSAFT product line activities, all R&D activities related to the space domain and the relevant studies with ESA. He has successfully served as a coordinator of numerous international R&D projects for the European Commission (RACE I & II, ESPRIT, DRIVE II, ACTS, IST, GROWTH) and has been involved in various ESA, NATO, EDA & GJU development projects.

Since 2008, he is a founding member of the board of directors of the Hellenic Association of Space Industries.


Dr. Christos Georgopoulos

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, CEO Inaccess


Dr. Emmanuel Zervakis

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, European Sensor Systems General Director

Emmanuel Zervakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1975. He received both the Bachelor degree in Physics and the Master degree in microelectronics from University of Patras in 1997 and 1999, respectively. He received the PhD in 2004 from National Technical Univeristy of Athens, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

He worked from 2001 up to 2004 to THETA Microelectronics as a Junior integrated circuits designer. He participated in all projects of the company designing both baseband and radio frequency analog circuits introduced to the new transceiver architectures targeting modern wireless communications.

 He joined THEON Sensors (www.theon.com) early in 2005 as a Senior Electrical Engineer in the MEMS department and from 2008 he became Electronics Development Manager. His main activities includes designing and development of analog and mixed analog/digital integrated circuits and PCB’s for the signal conditioning electronics of the MEMS transducers. He participated either as Project Manager or Technical Leader to various ESA,FP7 and National Funded projects that were successfully implemented.

 In 2010 became Director of the MEMS Business Unit of THEON Sensors S.A. Since 2013, Dr. Em Zervakis is the General Manager of European Sensor Systems S.A. (www.esenssys.com), a high tech company developing sensors systems based on MEMS technologies targeting medical, industrial and aerospace applications. He is responsible for corporate strategy and business development.


Stelios Bollanos, Director, Planetek Hellas

Stelios BollanosPart of the Planetek group since 2004. In 2005 he returned from Italy to Greece and co-founded Planetek Hellas. Since then he managed different projects for the company in the Earth Observation and Geomatic field, funded by the European Space Agency and the 7th European Framework Program for Research.

He has matured experiences in the technology Pdomain of Satellite Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Space Astronomy Data Management, On Board and Ground Segment Space Software. Key Areas of Expertise are: Company methodologies and standards (project quality assurance, system testing, data quality testing). He has very good knowledge of the European Space Market and very good knowledge of the Greek domestic demand for EO applications. He is today the Director of Planetek Hellas, one of the most innovative Greek SMEs.

Other related activity
Board Member
of the Hellenic Association of Space Industries, responsible for the extroversion and internalization (Since June 2012) http://www.hellenic-asi.org/en_admin.php

Board Member of the Space-Cluster of Athens (Since January 2015) http://www.si-cluster.gr/en/about-si-cluster/governance.html

Board Member of the Panel for the European Association of Space SME SME4SPACE (Since December 2013) http://www.sme4space.org/

National Delegate of Greece at the COPERNICUS User Forum (Since June 2014) http://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regexpert/index.cfm?do=groupDetail.groupDetail&groupID=2584



Dr. Evangelos Veronikiatis

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, Air Force General (RET), Terra Spatium CEO & Chairman of the BoD




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