Helenic Association of Space Industry

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry


Recognizing the importance of the Space sector and its applications in numerous sectors of the economy and the society HASI aims at maximizing the Greek Industrial participation in major space programs involving countries in and outside the European Space Agency contributing in industrial research and development of our country by developing new applications and products.

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) was founded on September 22nd 2008 following a joint endeavor on behalf of a significant part of the Hellenic Industry active in space technology and applications sector.

After a number of successive invitations to new members, the Association currently includes twenty five (25) active members while it is expected that before the end of 2014 the total number of the industrial and institutional members will be at least twenty eight (28). Currently all H-ASI members are Hellenic High Tech companies, employing over one thousand (1000) employees, of which the vast majority constitutes highly educated personnel in space technology and its applications. H-ASI members currently represent the biggest part of Greece’s research and manufacturing person power in the space technology and applications sector.

Become a member

The HASI invites you to become a member, aiming to strengthen collaboration ties among its members and further broaden its member base.

Members of the HASI can be: Enterprises, involved in the subject field, Academic institutions and research centers, Service Providers, Science Parks, Networks and Associations, DMO knowledge transfer, Commercial or investment banks, Business angels,Strategic Investors, National and regional authorities.

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