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Alma Technologies develops sophisticated, cutting-edge technology IP cores for integration in ASIC and FPGA devices and offers them to customers lacking the necessary know-how or resources to develop them from scratch.

Alma Technologies products address various applications from consumer electronics, to specialized applications such as medical imaging, industrial and military or space applications.

Alma was one of the first companies to introduce a JPEG 2000 image compression IP core in 2002. Today, Alma Technologies offers the only hardware engine supporting the functionalities provisioned by the BIIF/NTSIF01.00 profile of the standard. Alma Technologies JPEG cores are probably the fastest and among the smallest available. Alma is the only provider for the Lossless JPEG and JPEG-LS compression cores. The most recent addition to the product line is the compact H264 encoder core, a standalone solution targeted for applications where video coding quality is a major concern. Alma Technologies is also expanding on memory controllers and cryptographic functions.

After 12 years of proven designs and over 150 satisfied customers, Alma Technologies is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier for image and video compression silicon IP cores and is constantly refining the available products and adding newer innovative solutions in the product portfolio.

Alma Technologies is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).


  • 2 Marathonos Ave.
  • 19009
  • Pikermi



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