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HELLAS SAT is the owner of the Hellas-sat 2 satellite, the first Greek satellite, which was successfully launched and started operating in May 2003. Hellas Sat is the wholesaler and manager of the complete capacity and services of the satellite, offering contemporary, high quality services in Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

Hellas Sat is committed to constantly offer complemented, reliable and supreme quality satellite services, aiming to become one the first choices of clients in all regions.

 Hellas Sat is mainly aiming to:

  • Offer high quality services and satisfy the needs of all clients.
  • Offer high end and reliable services in competitive prices.
  • Ensure the growth of Hellas Sat Network and the establishment of the brand name and orbital position in the highly competitive satellite environment.
  • Optimize the know-how and skills of our human resource


48 Konstantinoupoleos
194 00
Κoropi GR



Telephone: +30 210 6100600
Fax: +30 210 6645433

Website : www.hellas-sat.net





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