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Prisma Electronics S.A.

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Prisma Electronics SA is a Greek hi-tech Company established in 1991 in Alexandroupolis, NEastern Greece. Through a consistent effort, the Company has evolved into a specialized Company in the field of ICT, Electronics and R&D. The design and production of complex manufacturing of electronics parts and integrated electronic systems in commercial, research, space and defense applications ensured the cooperation with major intergovernmental organizations like ESA and CERN, establishing the company all over the world.

Today, the company operates in Europe, USA, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Targeting innovation, Prisma Electronics has an ongoing cooperation with over 100 researchers across different Universities and Research Institutes across Europe. Over the last 5 years, the company has been involved in 23 research programs and today it manages 12 research projects, national and European, 2 of which are in collaboration with CERN and 5 European universities, in frontier research subjects.

The knowledge gained through systematic engagement in research has lead Prisma Electronics to develop innovative solutions relating to remote monitoring through smart sensors wireless networks and to advanced knowledge management.

Prisma Electronics SA is the only Greek company that has been awarded by CERN with the Gold Award for Industry. 

Prisma Electronics SA is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).


  • 85 Dimokratias Ave.
  • 68100
  • Alexandroupoli



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