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MaP Ltd. is a Geoinformation Services company and its main objective is the production and provision of geospatial data based on satellite data acquisition and products. Map Ltd. was established in 2006, is headquartered in Attika (6, Aristotelous str., Holargos) and has activities in Greece and abroad.

The main activity of Map Ltd. is the acquisition of spatial information, the georeference of this information and its multi-channelled diffusion through open standards and means. Core competence of the company is the knowhow, the flexibility and the innovation that support quality and on-time delivery of every undertaken project. Nowadays the company employs twenty-five executives, with contract employment relationship, ten of whom have a post-graduate degree. Being totally extrovert, the company aims to contribute in every way possible in further development of technology through synergies and exchange of views with companies and research institutes, considering that innovation is a valuable ally of every company.

Integral part of the internal operation of MaP Ltd. is the continuous investment in research and development of practices using contemporary tools of space technology in geographical data production. The organizational structure is formed in three directions that are Management, Technical Management and Development while all production procedures are documented in every stage and they are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

MaP Ltd. Is significantly interested in contemporary satellite data acquisition products, a technology that has rapidly changed the development of algorithms and methodologies, aiming the automatic data acquisition that is very crucial for the primary sector, the Rural Development, the crisis management and the environmental protection.

MaP Ltd. is active on three different fields and has five implementation sections. These fields include:

  • Base-Maps
  • Aerial photography
  • Processing of Satellite Images
  • Ground Control Points’ measuring (GCPs)
  • Photogrammetric maps
  • Digital ortho-photos
  • Creation of Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models
  • Creation of geospatial data
  • Geoinformatics Applications
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Development of Databases
  • Geospatial Indexes
  • Real Estate management
  • Risk management
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Geo-referencing and Digitization of thematic base-maps
  • Modern Surveying
  • Forest maps
  • Large-scale topographic surveys
  • Laser Scanning Surveys
  • Photo-interpretation
  • Digital Mapping
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Micro-Movements' Networks

The Company has developed and applies a certified Quality System, in full compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, suitable for its size and activities. In the QS all processes of its operations are described through corresponding procedures, aiming to constantly monitor the quality procedures in order to achieve the maximum productivity in all production phases with the minimum cost possible.

Specifically, the Quality Management System applied aims to satisfy the requirements bellow:

  • The assurance of high quality without deviations
  • The  constant monitoring and assurance of the implementation timetable
  • The effective use of all Material and human resources required
  • The control of staff as well as of partners and subcontractors that operate under certain procedures-directives and are inspected for their implementation
  • The best service of clients due the best organization of the Company

The Quality Management System is applied by Executives that are not related to the production during the projects‘ implementation procedure and is expanded to the compliance of the Research and Innovation field results as well.


  • Aristotelous 6
  • 15562
  • Holargos


  • Τηλέφωνο:+30 2106526777
  • Φαξ:+30 2106546774
  • Ηλ. Ταχυδρομείο:info#map4u.gr


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