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The company

Raymetrics is the global leader and most experienced atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer in the world, with more than 15 years in the industry and with sales made all over the world. The company produces backscatter, depolarization and Raman LIDARs for atmospheric applications, as well as LIDAR components such as telescopes designed specifically for LIDARs. Through a combination of experience and expertise, Raymetrics can offer some of the most powerful systems available commercially.

The LIDAR technique is very well established among the scientific community for more than 40 years. Recently however, Lidars have been used not only for scientific purposes but also for more operational applications like: meteorology, aviation, pollution monitoring etc.

Raymetrics has therefore become a world leader at the forefront of a new wave of remote monitoring technology.

LIDAR systems

Raymetrics LIDAR systems are used for remote observation of the atmosphere (pollution, desolate or volcanic dust, clouds, etc.). LIDAR works like a "visual" radar: it emits light pulses and records the radiation that is backscattered on the components of the atmosphere (molecules, aerosols, clouds, etc.).

The time the radiation needs to return determines the distance of the scatter, while spectral radiations give some information about the type of scatter (size, shape, refractive index). In this way, a standard LIDAR system gives information on the ground from up to 15km.


Raymetrics is not just a manufacturing company but also a system integrator. Through our cooperating companies we create synergies which form the basis for providing optimal solutions that meet the needs of clients and are beneficial for all parties involved.

Raymetrics, is flexible enough to adjust to the requirements of broader synergistic ensembles and our technological expertise makes us an ideal partner covers a broad range of applications and services in the field of research, meteorology and aviation.


Specific Applications Lidars

  • Volcanic Ash Detector - for meteorological agencies and aviation authorities
  • 3D Dust Tracker - for use in large mines and industrial applications
  • Visual Ranger / Fog Detector - for military and civilian airports (fire detection also)
  • 3D Ceilometer- Civilian and Military Airports
  • Temperature and Humidity LIDAR-for meteorology and aviation
  • Fluorescence LIDAR/Oil spills and water pollution monitoring
  • Gas Detection LIDAR (e.g. CH4, H2S etc) – for pipelines, oil & gas sector heavy industry (in development)


  • 32 Spartis Str
  • 14452, Metamorfosis
  • Athens, Greece



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