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Logikon Labs, a HASI member, has been awarded a two year contract from the ESA

Athens, 19 September 2014: Logikon Labs has been awarded a major two year contract from the European Space Agency (ESA), in the field of advanced laser ranging altimetry technologies, following a competitive international tender process. The project, aptly named Advanced Laser Ranging Altimetry Technologies (ALaRT), aims to design, manufacture and test a laser altimeter demonstrator breadboard implementing novel 3D imaging technologies and laser ranging (LIDAR) techniques that shall be used in future Earth Observation and Planetary Exploration missions. Protential applications range from Earth vegetation height monitoring to spacecraft docking and asteroid landing.

Logikon Labs will be part of an international academic and industrial consortium of leading experts, headed by Dutch company Cosine BV, and will be in charge of designing and developing the front-end electronics and software for sensor readout and real-time data processing. "This contract reaffirms Logikon Labs' core strategic goal to actively participate in the field of space research in a way that promotes the diffusion of knowledge and strengthensGreece's role in the European Space Agency" said Dimitris Lampridis, technical director and co-founder of Logikon Labs.

About Logikon Labs

Logikon Labs is a high-tech micro entity founded in 2012 and based in Athens, Greece, offering innovative design and consulting services in the field of embedded electronics and software for aerospace, scientific, and industrial applications. The company focuses on developing embedded processing platforms, with particular emphasis in digital acquisition and real-time data processing, as well as in dynamically reconfigurable and adaptive systems. Logikon Labs is driven by the desire of its owners to build a small, versatile team of highly skilled and enthusiastic electronic and software engineering professionals in Greece, making use of cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative electronics and software solutions for the most demanding applications and markets.

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