Dr. Athanasios Baltopoulos

Commercial Director and Project Manager at Adamant Composites Ltd
Dr. Athanasios Baltopoulos

Dr. Thanos Baltopoulos is Commercial Director and Project Manager at Adamant Composites Ltd.

He is a Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineer (Dipl.-Ing., 2007) from the University of Patras and holds a Doctorate (PhD, 2013) from the same University. He is a co-founder of Adamant Composites Ltd.

As an undergraduate (2005-7) he participated in the European Space Agency (ESA) mission YES2 (Young Engineers Satellite 2) being a member of the Mechanical Engineering team of the mission at the Applied Mechanics Laboratory of the University of Patras.

Following the successful launch and mission of YES2 and during the PhD curriculum, he co-initiated UPSAT - University of Patras cubeSAT project, in 2009, which was eventually launched in 2017 under the framework of QB50 mission of the European Commission.

In 2010-2011, he was Greek Trainee scholar in the field of Novel Materials for Space Applications (Advanced Materials and Structures) at ESA/ESTEC, in the framework of the Greek National Trainee Programme supported by the National Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and ESA.

Since 2013, after the PhD defense, he serves as Project Manager for various ESA activities dealing with novel materials, production processes, and manufacturing for space structures and other applications. In parallel, he participates in other technology developments for space such as EC-H2020-SPACE.

During his studies he has been active locally and internationally with EUROAVIA – the European Association of Aerospace Students, where he held positions in the local board of AS Patras (2004-7) and was member of the International Board of EUROAVIA in the 2006-7 term.

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