Evangelos Veronikiatis

Ευάγγελος Βερονικιάτης

Job Activities

  • Business Development & Program Manager

    He has extensive experience and great knowledge in the field of European Programs (FP7, H2020, ESA) management as well as in National R&D projects.

    He is currently working as Program Manager in the Industrial Support Program of the Military Earth Observation Satellite “HELIOS II” and he has participated in several projects of the Defense and Security domain.

  • Program Manager of Security System Integration in 114CW
    He was assigned as Project Manager in an Offset program of DASSAULT Aviation for the design and development of an Integrated Security System in Tanagra Air Base (114CW).
  • Senior Consultant of RAFALE office in Athens
  • Hellenic Air Force
    During his military service he attended the School of War from Air Force as fighter pilot. He served at all levels of administration while he served two years at the NATO delegation in Naples, Italy, as well as an Observer of the European Union in the war of the former Yugoslavia. He holds the title of Honorary Director of the National Defence General Staff.


  • Vice President of Hellenic Aerospace Security and Defense Industries Group, HASDIG
  • National Representative in ASD
  • Member of Defense Technology and Industry Research Council of Hellenic MoD
  • Member of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, HASI
  • Member of the Hellenic Space Cluster, si-cluster
  • Member of AFCEA
  • Member of Marshall Center for Security


  • He served as a fighter pilot in various aircraft types such as F5’s, Mirage F1 and Mirage 2000. During his career he was assigned in several levels of leadership within the Air Force structure of command, such as Squadron Commander, Air Base Commander, Air Defense Director and Commander in the National Air Operation Center.
  • He was tasked as D’ branch director in the Hellenic Air Force Headquarters responsible for operational requirements and procurement procedures. For a long period of time, he was member of the Supreme Council of the Air Force Board of Generals.
  • He retired in March 2006. His last assignment before the retirement was Branch Director in Logistics Support in the National Defense General Staff.
  • He has an accumulative flying experience of more than 3500 flying hours, most of those with the Mirages F1 and Mirages 2000.


  • In 1997-99 he was assigned as Director of the “New Fighter Program Evaluation Committee”.
  • He has addressed several speeches in “AIR POWER CONFERENCE” organized by Hellenic Ari Force, presenting the RAFALE aircraft and its superior.
  • On 7 Nov 1999 he conducted a flight with RAFALE B01 from the Tanagra Air Base.
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